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On Demand printing and Late Stage Customization

Do you experience ever increasing restrictions for your packaging production? Do they get more strict and complex? Does your amount of SKU's increase?

Just-In-Time, On Demand printing and Late Stage Customization will bring the flexibility your production process needs.

Flexibility leading to:

  • Reduction of your stock preprinted pack materials (SKU’s), by having neutral or generically preprinted
  • Reduced time to market
  • Lower cost per print
  • Avoiding waste, by avoiding obsolete pack materials

In short, by applying LEAN production solutions to your packaging process. Even 'Batch Size One' within 24 hours after order will become feasible!

The personalisation takes place in and during the packaging process, at the latest possible moment before shipment:

Late Stage Customization. Leading to SKU reduction.

Do you also would like to get rid of preprinted packaging materials?

We offer you an extensive portfolio innovative print engines applying digital Drop On Demand (DOD UV) inkjet technology:

The pioneer and world market leader for Late Stage Customization and On Demand Printing technology for the pharmaceutical industry

A world market leader in industrial high security personalisation and mailing technologies, with integrated system solutions for the processing of ID, Flat Financial and Commercial Cards. Furthermore, Atlantic Zeiser is a leading supplier of DOD UV print applications for the packaging industry: cosmetical, automotive, FMCG, converters and industrial print.

We add value to your packaging process! Our technology is developed to make your production more flexibel, more profitabel and more safe.


Hapa and Atlantic Zeiser our part of the COESIA GROUP.