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HAPA is the pioneer and world leader of Late Stage Customization and On Demand printing technologies for the pharmaceutical industries. Based in Switzerland, Hapa is Swiss quality – backed by a worldwide network of sales and service centers providing customers professional, local support when you need it.

We add value to your packaging process! Our technologies are designed to make your production more flexible, profitable and secure.

SKU Reduction

Are the demands on your packaging production increasing? Becoming progressively more stringent and complex? Just-In-Time printing en Late Stage Customization brings flexibility to your production process, enabling you to reduce the amount of pre-printed packaging materials.

Hapa On Demand technologies are prepared to meet a diversity of packaging requirements in any combination. Our printers produce the highest quality print for graphics in up to seven colors, variable barcodes, 2D Datamatrix codes and text, random and registered print, and pocket-specific printing, even at very small point sizes up to full web width.

Do you want to get rid of pre-printed packaging materials? And reduce your SKU's?



UV Flexo technology is ideal for all bulk printing – runs in the tens or hundreds of thousands – and for product information and artwork requiring the highest print quality.



UV DOD is the fully-digital, non-contact print technology ideally suited for the smallest batches, codes, serialisation, Track and Tracing and anti-counterfeiting measures.



Hybride, exclusively Hapa, allows you to combine any of our technologies – or those of any other suppliers’ – into one system. Meet your existing and evolving needs.
Bringing over 40 years’ experience delivering to the pharmaceutical industry, Hapa offers also the the required documentation and validation support.



Hapa is a member of the COESIA GROUP